Here we go again…

13406894_10153411078306442_8564862983371741852_n (1)

Me and my brother-in-law Howard completed the Two Castles 10Km run on 12th June

So I haven’t been running much recently, which you might have guessed if you’re a regular reader of this blog! I have no excuses – no injuries, no major life events…I’ve just been quite lazy! After the marathon in May, I suddenly had no reason to get up and go for a run…so I didn’t!

2016-06-01 21.00.27

Post-run on 1st June

I have done a few runs…just not many. Since I last posted in on 28th May, I did a short-ish run with the Run Alcester gang, and then the Two Castles 10km race on the 12th June with my brother-in-law. That went pretty well, despite the fact that I totally wasn’t up for it, and it absolutely hammered it down with rain, but I was pleased with my time of just over 56 minutes – not a 10km PB but it is a course PB by quite a way, and it’s a pretty hilly course too.

But since the 12th June…nothing. And I have continued to eat as if I was still training for a marathon! So when I pulled on my netball kit the other day and found it a bit of a squeeze to fit in my skirt, I realised it was time to get running again!


Arrow Valley parkrun 16th July

I did my first parkrun in quite a while last Saturday, which – as always – was great fun, and made me regret every time I’ve ever stayed in bed on a Saturday morning! It happened to be Arrow Valley parkrun’s 4th birthday, so as well as a huge field of 395 runners (!!!), many of them in fancy dress (including some bonkers people in onesies on a really hot, muggy day – and one guy dressed as a tree?!?), we ran the usual two-lap course backwards, which made a nice change!

Inspired to start making running a part of my schedule again, I got in touch with Becky, who has been out injured for a while, and we made plans to resurrect our previously-regular Tuesday night runs. So that’s what we did tonight – only we hadn’t bargained on it being the hottest day of the year so far – over 30ºC, even after 7pm, phew!! Still, we did it, a hot and sweaty, no pressure 4 miles, and we’re already talking about entering the Birmingham Half Marathon  and the Tempo 10K Winter Series. We’re back!

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