3-mile recovery run with Becky

2016-05-24 19.49.34

You can’t see from the pic, but I was wearing my Worcester Marathon t-shirt, and Becky was wearing hers from Manchester Marathon 🙂 

I was quite surprised to find that I wasn’t half as achy or stiff as I thought I’d be after Sunday’s marathon! I mean, I was pretty much zombified on Sunday afternoon/evening, and my quads were a bit stiff and sore on Monday (and still a bit today), but compared to how ruined I felt after the Cotswolds Way Challenge, I felt fine! When I did my first half marathon in October 2013, I even took the next day off work because I could barely move!

So, with no better time to get back into the swing of things than when you’re still on a runner’s high, Becky and I went out for a little run together tonight – our first run with both of us being bona fide marathon runners 🙂

We only did 5km, and at 32 minutes a pretty slow 5km at that, nevertheless I felt pretty great! Becky’s been suffering with a rotten cold for a few weeks so I don’t think she felt quite as great as me, but I think she still enjoyed it…?!

It feels weird not tagging this post as “marathon training” or associated with some other challenge or training plan…I need a new challenge! I have the Two Castles 10km in June, but I’ve done that twice before so it doesn’t feel like it counts. Another marathon….an ULTRA???


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