4 mile run: 1000.2 miles DONE!

2015-12-31 14.48.56I DID IT!!!!

Today’s run wasn’t spectacular, just a 4 mile run with Tom around our town, ending up at our friends’ house where we’d left our car last night. It was quite a hard run actually, given that it was only 4 miles, as we were both a bit hungover, still full of turkey curry and cheese and biscuits from last night, and suffering with colds! And the fact that I was running with Tom meant we ran a bit faster than I would have on my own!

Still, it doesn’t matter how I did it, or whether it was easy or hard, I did it. I have run 1000 miles in one year!! Challenge complete!! What an incredible journey I’ve been on this year!! It was lovely to ‘cross the finish line’ with my wonderful husband by my side too 🙂

I’ll now be putting another £10 in my fundraising pot – you’re welcome to too, if you like, I’m still a little short of my £500 target so anything you can spare would be much appreciated!*

Happy New Year everyone!


* In case you missed it in a previous post or haven’t read my ‘About me’ page, my ‘1000 miles in 2015’ challenge was all in aid of a very deserving suicide prevention charity called CALM, which provides services and support for men suffering with mental health and stress issues. I chose this charity in memory of my granddad, Frank, who himself committed suicide in January earlier this year. 

9.1 mile run: 996.2/1000 = 3.8 miles to go!

2015-12-30 16.21.55SINGLE FIGURES!!

At pretty much any other time I would have dreaded having to go for a run on a day like today – it was wet, it was windy, it was cold, it was gloomy.

But wet, windy, cold, gloomy weather just happened to be the perfect weather to road test my new Christmas present: a waterproof, windproof hi-vis Ron Hill running jacket with built in red backlight! 😀

Really enjoyed today’s run, despite getting drenched to the bone – the waterproofness of the jacket was tested beyond its limits, but it still kept me drier for much longer than my crappy Aldi jacket, didn’t stick to me, and kept me nice and warm (and visible!) so it’s a win!

EEEEEK just one little 3.8 mile run left to go! Bring it on!! 😀


4.5 mile run: 987.1/1000 = 12.9 miles to go!

2015-12-29 12.18.03“Don’t let’s do what we normally do when we go to Martin and Ruth’s house and stay there ’til silly o’clock and drink all their booze”, I said as we left the house last night. Tom nodded in agreement – we’re going for lunch with some other friends today and both have stuff to do, so we didn’t want to write the day off.

Fast-forward and its 3.30am and we have drunk all Martin and Ruth’s booze. Oops.

So, bearing in mind that I didn’t get to bed until 4am and consumed a hefty amount of Baileys, I think I did pretty well to get a 4.5 mile run done today! The weather was absolutely glorious today, which helped – it’s like Spring out there!


10.3 mile run: 982.6/1000 = 17.4 miles to go!

2015-12-27 17.06.08There was definitely a theme to the Christmas presents I received this year! In addition to the 401 Challenge shirt I bought myself, which arrived on Christmas Eve, Tom bought me an ace Ron Hill hi-vis, windproof, waterproof running jacket with a built in red light at the back, my Mum bought me a compression vest, and my brother-in-law gave me some running gloves and a hi-vis bib!

It was a bit too warm to test drive the running jacket, but Tom and I went for a steady 10 miler this afternoon and I took the compression vest and bib for a spin. All good!

The route we’d actually planned to do today was about 9 miles, but we had to turn around at one point because the road was flooded. I’m kinda pleased about that actually because I had in mind that I wanted to do 10 miles anyway.

So now we’ve had our post-Christmas ‘runabout’, now we’re off for a Christmas ‘walkabout’ – this is Tom’s cricket club’s annual pub crawl where the aim is to have a drink in each of our local pubs. There are 10. This could be messy…

3.1 mile run: 972.3/1000 = 27.7 miles to go!

2015-12-25 10.34.02

My new 401 Challenge running shirt arrived just in time for Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!

Woke up with a bit of a sore throat and a sniffly nose this morning, but I felt guilty for not going as planned yesterday so was determined to go to Christmas Day parkrun!

I actually woke up at 7.30am thinking it would be on at 9am as usual, but in trying to convince Tom to come with me, he said I should check whether there even was a Christmas run at Arrow Valley this morning, and I found that it in fact started at 10am today. Oops.

2015-12-25 10.33.30So we had an extra hour in bed, during which time I convinced Tom to come with me. He didn’t want to race it today though, so he went at my pace – well, if I’m honest, he pushed me a bit faster than I would have run myself, but I kept up with him and came out with a time of 28:01 – not my best by a long way, but a pretty decent time considering recent pace.

Now to enjoy our traditional breakfast of a sausage sandwich and slice of pork pie, followed by present opening and a turkey dinner!


6.3 mile run: 969.2/1000 = 30.8 miles to go!

2015-12-23 11.38.35Another run in my home village of Cliffe, in Kent today. I ran the same route as yesterday, but backwards, and although it was still pretty windy, I was enjoying the sunshine and not having horizontal rain stinging me in the face this time!

That is until I encountered my second idiot driver of the week – why is everyone trying to run me over this week?!

Running on the right hand side of a single track road, facing oncoming traffic so that I could see and be seen (as the Highway Code specifies!) some idiot woman who very obviously saw me drove straight at me instead of moving over slightly to pass me. She forced me to jump into the ditch, then had the audacity to moan at ME for running on the “wrong” side of the road. Merry bloody Christmas!!



6.2 mile run: 962.9/1000 = 37.1 miles to go!

2015-12-22 16.36.07I’m back in my home village in Kent for a few days, visiting family before we take my mum back to the Shire for Christmas, so today’s run was on old turf.

The weather was HORRID today – a strong, blustery wind that knocked me off course, and that particular kind of stinging, horizontal rain that completely soaks you through. Despite all this, it wasn’t too cold, and I actually bizarrely enjoyed it!

2015-12-22 16.38.15I forgot to take a selfie today, so here’s one of me after my shower, and another of Lucy, the dog my mum’s looking after over Christmas (although she’s a minature dachshund – or “cocktail sausage dog” as Tom calls her – so she’s barely even a dog really).


6.4 mile run: 956.7/1000 = 43.3 miles to go!

2015-12-21 15.08.28It was a bit grey today, but a girl’s gotta run! Unfortunately, as soon as I stepped out of the door, the heavens opened and I got absolutely soaked!

It didn’t last too long, and after a mile I was enjoying the sun coming out…until I nearly got run over by a chav in a shit car who turned into the road I was running along without looking and nearly skidded into me on the muddy road. He wound down his window and said sorry (grinning at me, I might add, so not very sincere!) and when I told him to look where he was going, his comeback as he drove away was “Yer, I’ll look at your arse!” Charming fellow.

Anyway, apart from that the lovely sunshine made for an enjoyable run, and a pretty quick one too! 1:01:55 for 6.4 miles – not bad considering my recent slowness!



9.3 mile run: 950.3/1000 = 49.7 miles to go!

2015-12-20 12.47.37Pleased with this run! I was aiming for 10 miles today but I had to cut short – otherwise I’d be late for a Sunday lunch date with friends. Which is where I’m off to now (to eat ALL the food!) so excuse my brevity today!

The weather is WEIRD right now. It’s a few days before Christmas and I’m running in shorts, t-shirt and even had my sunnies on today!

Less than 50 miles to go now, yippeee!!


10.8 mile run(s): 941/1000 = 59 miles to go!

2015-12-19 09.39.45Double run parkrun VRUKbloghop day!

Yesterday was my third Christmas do in a row, following a meet-up in London with some friends on Wednesday, and part 2 of my netball team’s Christmas get-together in the local pub on Thursday night. This time I drove over to South Wales, where my boss for one of the organisations I work for lives, and we had a delicious lunch followed by yet more drinks in her village pubs.

I stayed over at her house near Monmouth last night, and took the opportunity this morning to do a bit of parkrun tourism in the Forest of Dean!

2015-12-19 09.39.55As was to be expected for a forest trail run, the route was incredibly muddy – my excruciatingly slow time of 34:16 can largely be explained by the fact that it was a constant battle to stay upright! Still, it was pretty fun – the forest is really pretty, all the regulars were dressed up in Christmassy outfits, and a couch-to-5k group was also making its parkrun debut, so there was lots to smile about.

I drove home in bare feet as my socks and shoes were absolutely soaked and caked in mud!

2015-12-19 14.08.18When I got home, I decided to don an old pair of (dry) trainers and go for another run to make up for the fact that I missed the 6.2 miles I’d pencilled in for Thursday (I was just too busy with work in the end, and maybe suffering a bit from Wednesday night…and I had a pub quiz to [almost] win in the evening!).

Though the streets of Alcester are significantly less muddy than the Forest of Dean, the weather was horrid – bursts of heavy rain and blustery wind. Still, I plugged myself into my headphones and busted out 7.1 miles, which was a bit further than I’d intended!

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