Operation Mojo

dsc_0356I appear to have had a bit of a slump in my jogging and blogging efforts, sorry about that!

Since I last wrote in August, I’ve been on a handful of runs, but the mojo is certainly not quite back yet. I have partly replaced the running with more swimming, which I’m really enjoying, but to be honest in the last two or three weeks, apart from a bit of walking, I haven’t done a thing :-/

I got back from a 2-week trip to Hong Kong and Australia on Monday, where I was attending a conference in Brisbane (I know, lucky me!). I took my running gear with me, fully intending to do Brisbane parkrun (cos it’d’ve been cool to clock up a bit of parkrun tourism in another country!), but alas that didn’t happen – partly laziness, partly because the Wifi broke in my apartment so I couldn’t check to find out where and what time it was, and partly because I weirdly developed a painful back problem! It must have been the bed I was sleeping in, as it seemed to be aggravated by lying down (really weird spasm-y sort of pain between my shoulder blades!) but I’ve been fine ever since getting home. Odd.

Anyway, excuses aside, for whatever reason the running just hasn’t been happening lately. Like it or not, that is all about to change because I GOT A BALLOT PLACE IN THE LONDON MARATHON AAARGGGHH!!!!img_20161011_102242

Yup, when I arrived home on Monday morning I stepped over an item of post that was on the doormat, thinking it was a magazine for my husband. When he brought it up to me later saying it had “Virgin” on it, my heart started to beat a little bit faster. UH OH: the London Marathon ballot results are due!!

Sure enough when I hastily ripped open the plastic wrap, there was my “You’re In!” magazine and provisional acceptance form. YIKES! (I think my actual wording was a little less child-friendly!) Better get that mojo back sharpish!!

So, for the first time in what felt ages, today I laced up my trainers and started off my Virgin London Marathon 2017 pre-training with a little 20 minute/2 mile run. I’ve got a while before the official 16 week training plan countdown starts, so the next couple of months will be about trying to get my ‘oomph’ back. Operation Mojo has begun!

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