Juneathon Day 27: Confessions!

Well, I sort of failed at Juneathon 😦

On Sunday afternoon I flew to Dublin for 5 nights to attend a conference for work. I had every intention to continue exercising while I was away – my hotel had a fitness suite and I even packed my running gear intending to jog alongside the River Liffey…it just didn’t really happen. I did do a few good walks on some of the days, but the 30-day challenges have fallen by the wayside 😦

Day 22 – Sunday 22nd June:

Juneathon Day 22

A total of 6..3km, but not sure if it really counts…

I *think* I can still count Sunday, Day 22, as completed, as I did put my Garmin on and walked a total of 6.2km – although this was in bits, and interspersed with food and beer! I first walked the 15 minutes from my hotel to the hotel where my colleague was staying, stayed there for a drink, then we got a taxi from that hotel to the restaurant we ate at, via another pub (forgot to switch Garmin off so that’s why the map looks funny!), then I walked back to my hotel and carried on wandering for a bit to clock up a decent distance.

View over Dublin

View from the rooftop bar of the Marker Hotel in Dublin (where my boss, but sadly not where I was staying!)






Day 23 – Monday 23rd June:

On Monday (Day 23) I probably covered about 4 and a bit km as I walked from my hotel to the convention centre, and back again, twice. I wasn’t wearing my Garmin, but the distance is 1.05km one way.

Juneathon Day 23

Day 23: Hotel to Convention Centre and back again twice. ~4km 😦

Convention Centre Dublin

My workplace while in Dublin






Day 24 – Tuesday 24th June

Juneathon Day 23

Day 24: Hotel to Convention Centre and back again once each way today. Only ~2km 😦

On Tuesday (Day 24) I totally failed and only walked to and from my hotel/the convention centre once each way, so that was probably only about 2km 😦 Better than nothing though??!

Another view of the Convention Centre Dublin

Another view of the Convention Centre Dublin


Day 25 – Wednesday 25th June:

Junethon Day 25

A decent walk for Day 25 despite the rain!

Wednesday (Day 25) was actually a pretty good day for walking, so I probably can count this one as a proper Juneathon day.

I had the afternoon off from the conference so went for a good old wander around (despite the rain) and covered almost 8km. This was in addition to the 1km walk to and from my hotel/convention centre.

Juneathon Day 26

It woudn’t be Ireland without a little bit of rain!

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

Wednesday was the evening of the conference dinner, so although I got a taxi there (as I was running late!) I also walked back – the venue wasn’t much further than the Convention Centre, so this was probably only another 1.5km or less.

When in Dublin...

When in Dublin…

Day 26 – Thursday 26th June:

On Thursday (Day 26) I did the walk from the hotel to the convention centre and back again so covered about 2km there. I was on my own on Thursday evening as my colleagues had all left, so I put out an appeal on Facebook for suggestions of where to eat. My cousin suggested a restaurant called The Vintage Kitchen, which was BYOB, so I stopped off at a Tesco Express near my hotel and bought some drinks, then headed off in the rain to find the restaurant. I’m a bit annoyed that I didn’t wear my Garmin as I got lost and it would be interesting to see where and how far I actually went!

By the time I got to the restaurant, arms aching from carrying the bottles, I realised it probably would’ve been wise to call ahead – the place was pretty small and absolutely jam packed! I did stand inside a McDonalds for a while, to use their free Wifi to see if there was another recommended BYOB restaurant nearby, but in the end I gave up and as my feet were soaked from the rain I just went back to my hotel and ate there. And drank my ciders in my room. Alone. Like a saddo.

Day 27 – Friday 27th June:

Not a great day for exercise! I walked about 500 metres from my hotel to the airport bus stop, then when I got home that evening I walked another half a km or so to pick up a takeaway curry (as if eating restaurant/conference food all week wasn’t bad enough!).

Juneathon Day 21: 7.4km Run

Juneathon Day 21

Conquered The Hill!

Really hot and sunny day today but I was feeling fit and in the mood for a challenge – so I tried a route I like to call “Over the Hill”. It’s a 7.4km route which includes a big bastard of a hill in the middle. It’s beaten me on more than one occasion, but not today!! 🙂

Juneathon Day 21Also did my 30-day challenges: 110 lunges, 180 squats, 32 press-ups, 130 crunches then 90 more, 52 leg raises and 80 seconds of plank!








Juneathon Day 20: Cardio Video

Juneathon Day 20

These Fitness Blender workouts look all innocent…but they are killer! 😀

It was a very exciting day for my fiance Tom and I today – we, well he really, is setting up his own business to run guided tours of the Cotswolds from Stratford-upon-Avon. Stratford is so close to the Cotswolds, it’s quite unbelievable that no-one has ever thought to do this before, seeing as you can do a similar thing from London, Oxford and Bath!

Anyway, today Tom took possession of our new(ish) minibus!! After months of jumping through hoops and wading through red tape to get all the licenses and qualifications and finance Tom needs, we’ve finally been able to buy a bus – so we’re almost ready to start! Tom’s going to spend the next couple of weeks giving trial tours to local hoteliers in the hope that they’ll be able to recommend us to their guests. So exciting!!!

The website is still under construction, but if you want to find out more, please see www.gocotswolds.co.uk!

Anyway….after squealing with excitement most of the day at being part-owner of a 17-seater minibus, I did a Fitness Blender YouTube video for my cardio exercise today (see below). Sweaty Betty!!! Fortunately (!) it’s a rest day for the 30-day challenge abs and squats today, so I just did 31 press-ups and 106 lunges. That was enough for one day!

Juneathon Day 19: 5km Run

Juneathon Day 19

A lovely sunny evening run 🙂

I was trying to think of something different to do for my cardio today, but without a bike, or the time to spare to go to the pool, or the inclination to workout indoors on this fairly warm day, I ended up just going for the good old faithful 5km run. I took it at a steady pace tonight and actually really enjoyed it! [Garmin map to follow!]

I broke up my 30-day challenge exercises into sets tonight, and interspersed them with exam marking and football watching. England were rubbish, but I did realise that Luis Suarez reminded me of a parrotfish, which made me not loathe him quite so much (even though he scored two goals against us!)

160 squats, 100 lunges, 100 crunches followed by 85 more crunches instead of sit-ups, 50 leg raises, 30 press-ups and 75 seconds plank!!

Luis Suarez: not only a great goal scorer, but if he'd only try it, he could be a pretty excellent coral-nibbler too.

Luis Suarez: not only a great goal scorer, but if he’d only try it, he could be a pretty excellent coral-nibbler too.




Juneathon Day 18: 1.4km Swim

Juneathon Day 18

Cheeky selfie in the swimming pool changing rooms (dont worry I was alone!). Haha, spot the goggle marks!

Went for a swim at my local pool this evening and did 70 x 20m lengths in 52 minutes. Though I normally wear a practical one-piece for indoor laps, tonight I couldn’t resist wearing a bikini that I actually bought about 2 years ago, but which was far too small for me. It fits now, hurray!! Still not quite feeling “bikini ready”, but certainly getting there – not that it matters anyway as we’re not having a holiday this year – boo 😦 (Saving our money for an awesome honeymoon early next year instead, yay!)

Juneathon Day 18

Didn’t back from the pool until after 10.15pm, so have just squeezed in my 30-day challenge exercises. The numbers really are getting ridiculous now! It’s not that they are getting harder (in fact I’m pleased to say they’re getting easier!), they just take so darn long to do! Tonight I did 155 squats, 96 lunges, 48 leg raises, 29 press-ups, 70 seconds of plank, and 110 crunches. I started doing normal sit ups and managed 20 before my butt started hurting again (!) so I replaced the remaining 60 with extra crunches.

Juneathon Day 17: 5km Run

Juneathon Day 17

Sunny run!

Went for a 5km run after work today. As I came up to 4km or just over, I thought I might have a chance of beating my PB, so I sprinted to try and crack that elusive 30 minute mark. Alas, I ran out of steam and ended up slowing right up. Still, I finished in 30:40, which would have been a PB only a week ago!

Juneathon Day 17

Not a new PB but I’m getting quicker overall.

Did my 30-day challenges when I got back from my run. The plank (65 seconds!) is getting a bit wobbly now!! Managed to do proper sit ups today (75), as well as 150 squats, 90 lunges, 42 leg raises, 100 crunches and 28 press-ups.

Juneathon Day 16: Walk

Juneathon Day 16

A random walk

Tonight is Journalism evening class night (the last one! Sob!) so I had to squeeze my Juneathon exercise in at lunchtime. Actually, it’s been a really busy morning and I didn’t go out until 2pm, but never mind I still went!

Took a different route today, which ended up being a bit random because I wanted to do at least 3 miles but wasn’t quite sure where I was going! I followed some footpaths through the woods near my office (which were really muddy, eew), ended up on a random housing estate, and then came back through the university. Had to do a loop of my office building a couple of times as I was a little bit short of 5km!

Garmin map to follow…

Came back and, as I was in the office on my own today, did my press-ups (27) in the office, hee hee! Fortunately it’s a rest day for lunges, squats and abs!

Juneathon Day 15: HIIT Workout

Juneathon Day 15

HIIT is hard!

Today I tried this Fitness Blender HIIT workout from YouTube – it started off fairly innocuously but I was panting, sweating and burning by the end! The bloke’s voice is a little bit annoying but I like the way the exercises are really varied and broken down into short sharp sections so you don’t get bored.

Arrgh burpees though!!!!

Juneathon Day 15

Nice burn!

As for the 30-day challenges, it’s a rest day for the press-ups (which is just as well as the HIIT video included plenty!) so I did a total of 86 lunges, 140 squats, 165 crunches (ouch! Butt still too sore to do the sit-ups :-/), 42 leg raises and ONE WHOLE MINUTE of plank!! Still slightly daunted by the fact that I’m supposed to be able to do TWO minutes of plank by the end of this month, but I’ve come a long way so far!

Juneathon Day 14: 9km Run!

Juneathon Day 14

Small NSV: this running vest I’m wearing used to ride up over my stomach when I ran. Stayed down today! I guess there’s not so much for it to ride up over anymore!

So pleased with myself today! One of the people I am “friends” with on My Fitness Pal has been doing a lot of running recently, and I saw that her time spent running has been increasing, while mine has been stuck at 5km for a while now. I guess I was a little nervous of hurting my leg again, but now that I’ve been signed off from my sports therapist, I felt inspired to try a longer run (so thanks “emzilee”!).

I could have just tried 6 or 7km, but I felt so motivated today that I thought I would try my old favourite route, which is 9km. I told myself that I could run/walk only after I’d hit 5km, but as it turns out, I just kept going! I took it steady and must admit I was quite tired towards the end, but the nearer I got to home the more determined I was to just keep running. I finished the 9.08km route in 1 hour 30 seconds, which isn’t bad – oh and ran via a postbox and posted the first batch of our wedding invitations, so my run had a practical purpose as well! 🙂

Juneathon Day 14

9.08 kms – feeling awesome! 😀

Felt so chuffed! Didn’t really want to do my 30-day challenge exercises after that, but I did them anyway: 130 squats, 80 lunges, 150 crunches (instead of 85 crunches and 65 sit-ups – damn that carpet burn!), 42 leg raises (these are getting a *bit* easier now!), 28 press-ups (still doing the girly knee ones, but they are definitely getting easier too!) and 55 seconds of plank.  I’m really starting to feel much stronger in my core – can’t believe I can hold a plank for 55 seconds!! I’m sure it must be doing my running some good too.

Happy day! Now all we need is for England to win tonight!

Juneathon Day 13: 5km Run

Juneathon Day 13

Red faced Sweaty Betty!

Went for a hot and sweaty 5km run after work today – as you can probably tell from the picture! I didn’t beat my PB from Wednesday, but I did go quicker than my previous best, so I feel really good!

Juneathon Day 13

Another pretty quick 5km (for me!) – so hot today though!

I broke my 30-day challenge exercises into sets today, doing one set after every exam paper marked. It was quite a good tactic as I got lots of marking done and it broke up the boredom!

Todays numbers were: squats (130!!), lunges (70!!), push-ups (27), leg raises (40), 50 seconds of plank and as for the sit ups and crunches, well…rather embarrassingly I seem to have developed a carpet burn on my lower back which really hurt when I tried to do sit-ups (I swear the burn is from doing the sit-ups, nothing else, promise!!), so I did the alloted 75 crunches, then followed that with 60 more crunches (which is the number of sit-ups I was supposed to do).

Day 13, done!