MTR#32: 12.7 miles, but ugh.

2016-05-08 19.51.52Well that was officially my worst run ever.

Having not run all week, apart from a quick and reluctant 5km last night, I knew I needed to get my long run in today, but I was SO not up for it! It was supposed to be my first taper run of 14 miles, so I planned a route that would take me to Tom’s cricket club, where I could have a sit down and watch the cricket for a bit before running back.

Well, that was the plan and I more or less made it to the cricket club OK (just a couple of uphill walk-breaks near the end), but after that I totally lost it and ended up taking a shorter route home, and walking a lot more of it than I’d like.

It was really hot today, which didn’t help, and I felt like there was nothing in my legs, but more than that I was just in a really negative mood. I’m not sure why. It was a beautiful day today, so I tried telling myself to enjoy the scenery even when I was walking, but for some reason everything was making me grumpy.

Bah humbug.

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