MTR#30: 20 MILES!

2016-05-01 16.14.55Oh. My. God. I just ran for over 3.5 hours without stopping and covered 20 motherflippin miles!


I was so nervous about doing this run, my longest training run before tapering for the marathon! I wondered if I would be up to it, considering I have been ill recently, and did over 13 miles just the other day, but er, yes, it seems I was!

One thing that has been rather lacking in my marathon training so far is proper fuel. I still haven’t managed to get to a sports shop to buy some gels, but I figured I would probably need a bit of sugary help today, so I got some fizzy and non-fizzy cola bottle jelly sweets from the convenience shop instead! I ate one sweet every mile, which gave me something to look forward to every 10 minutes or so – in fact I definitely appreciated the mouth-watering qualities of the fizzy ones! I am exhausted now but I never felt like I’d completely hit the wall, and my stomach was fine too, so it must have helped (although the sweets did start getting a bit squidgy towards the end from being in my pocket!).

Still not entirely sure where I’m going to find the oomph to keep going another 6 miles…but I’ve been saying that throughout this training and I seem to keep adding the miles on…what’s another 6!?

All together now….TAPER!!!! 😀

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