6.1 mile run: 913.1/1000 = 86.9 miles to go!

2015-12-12 11.06.08

Another medal!

Well I’m not sure *how* I actually did this, given that I ran a marathon distance yesterday, but today I ran in my December event, which was the Raceways Christmas Cracker 10km!

This is a Christmas fancy dress fun run with 10km or 20km options – I’m glad I only signed up for the 10km in the end!


Howard, Ange, Geordie, me and Tom – ho ho ho 🙂 Photo © Emma Caden

I was pleasantly surprised to find that despite a bit of stiffness in my hips, my legs actually felt pretty good when I woke up this morning. When I ran in the 33-mile Cotswolds Way Challenge I couldn’t walk properly for about 4 days (though admittedly that was MUCH hillier!), so the fact that I could walk downstairs forwards without wincing was a very good sign!


And they’re off! Photo © Emma Caden

Tom and I both ran this morning, as did my brother-in-law Howard, our friends Geordie and Angela, and Ruth, Helen and Sharon in full Christmas angel fancy dress! Tom and the boys shot off into the distance from the beginning – I ran with Ange for the first few km before she dropped back and I made a new running friend called Sue who kept me going up a couple of tough hills. The angels were a few hundred metres ahead of me all the way until I very nearly caught up with them on the final hill.


Ruth, Sharon and Helen, aka “Rob’s Angels” Photo © Sharon Hall

In the end I finished in 1:01:16, which I was mighty happy with! I’d predicted a time of around 1:10 or slower.

Now, to reward myself for all my efforts over the last two days, I’m off to Stratford for my netball team’s Christmas meal, followed by a friend’s birthday meal in the evening. Yep, two meals out in one day – I think it’s OK just this once!!


Home straight! Photo © Emma Caden

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