3.3 mile run: 849.7/1000 = 150.3 miles to go!

2015-12-04 21.00.06“When the [legs] don’t work, they just make you worse…”

I’ve had the Verve song in my head ever since getting back from my Run of Disappointment this evening, swapping ‘drugs’ for ‘legs’…

I wanted to run earlier in the day; however, Tom said he would come with me, but he had a job to do and wouldn’t finish until after 7pm. When he did get back from work, he almost pulled out of running, but he felt guilty that I’d waited for him, so off we went.

I intended to do another 10km this evening, but my legs are just cream crackered. I suffered a bit with ankle pain for the first time in ages, about 1.5 miles in, so I walked it out for a bit but just lost my mojo. I really hate quitting early when I’ve decided to do something, and I normally don’t, but today I just ached so I decided it really would be the best thing to just cut my run short.

I thought I still had 153.3 miles of the challenge to go, so I did 3.3 miles to bring me to a nice round 150…but it turns out I still have 0.3 miles to go for that…oh well!

Hopefully I’ll get round parkrun in the morning, and maybe catch up a few miles afterwards. I’ll see how I feel.


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