5.5 mile run: 750.9/1000 = 249.1 miles to go!

2015-11-03 20.19.33Back on home soil! After the hot, sweaty heat of the last 10 days in Brazil, during which I hardly did any running, it was a rude awakening to be back in Blighty on a dark, chilly, rainy November evening!

Still, I ran with Becky tonight and we made it fun by attempting the ‘Alcester Challenge’! This is an idea we nicked from people we follow on Strava and the idea is to try and run every street in your town. We could only do a bit of Alcester as Becky only has an hour or so window while her daughter is at cubs, but we managed 5.5 miles. It was pretty funny – we made sure to run EVERY little close, crescent and even the alleyways too – people watching us must have thought we were mad running down dead ends! But if it had a street sign and/or houses along it then we had to run it! Maybe one day we’ll attempt to run the whole town – I wonder how far that would be?!


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