6.2 mile run: 686.7/1000 = 313.3 miles to go!

2015-10-06 20.19.55Tuesday night run with Becky! We strapped on our head torches again this week, but instead of going off road we stuck to tarmac tonight – it’s been lashing down with rain all day and it would’ve been a mudbath if we’d gone off road!

We did my ‘usual’ 10km route – it felt hard tonight! I suppose I haven’t really given my legs a rest after Saturday’s epic, and I stopped briefly to try and get a stone out of my shoe, but still, I was a bit annoyed with my time: 1 hour 4 minutes for 10km! My PB is 10 minutes faster!! I think I need to do some speed work, but it’ll be too little too late for this weekend’s Alcester 10km…Humph.

Still, it’s another 6.2 miles in the bag, and the next 100 mile milestone is fast approaching – should get there by the end of this week, yay!


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