4 mile run: 648.7/1000 = 351.3 miles to go!


Me in front getting a nice bit of air 🙂 Photo by Erin Roberts

Happy parkrun/VRUK bloghop day! Tom decided to join me this morning for the first time in ages, yay!

Our parkrun is getting so popular now that it’s starting to be a struggle to park, so we set off early to try and get a parking space. Nope! We arrived at 8.40am and quite a few people were already turning around because they couldn’t get in. So instead, we parked down the road in a Morrison’s supermarket carpark and ran the extra mile, getting to the start line just in time!

After that sprint effort, and last night’s 10k, my legs felt a little bit weary so I had in mind to take it easy. But, I hadn’t realised it was ‘pacer day’ today! This is something that our parkrun organises once a month, where volunteers offer to run at a set pace so people can follow them and aim to finish in a particular time – great for PB chasers. I knew there wasn’t any point in trying to go for a PB today, so I optimistically settled myself in between the 27 and 28 minute pacers. Even that was a bit much though, and I dropped back a bit, finishing in 28:29. I’m OK with that – I’ve got too used to running slow recently, I think!

Blog HopTom beasted himself trying to get under 24 minutes – which he did, but was rewarded for his efforts by being sick about 50 metres from the finish line, eeew. For someone who hasn’t run properly since the half marathon in April, that’s not a bad (his PB is 20:28) , although I wish he wouldn’t go quite so hard!

Here’s a few more pics taken by our lovely parkrun volunteers 🙂

One thought on “4 mile run: 648.7/1000 = 351.3 miles to go!

  1. Nice running! Pacers are a great idea for parkrun, and seem to becoming more and more popular, although generally I’m just happy to get round these days.
    Have a great weekend! 🙂

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