9.2 mile run(s!): 589.6/1000 = 410.4 miles to go!

2015-09-05 09.32.59

After parkrun #1 at Brueton Park, Solihull

Happy parkrun day! Today was quite a special parkrun day for me, as I did not one parkrun, but THREE!

Before you start thinking “wow, that’s impressive!”, I should say at this point that 44 members of my local parkrun group are actually doing EIGHT parkruns in one day today to raise money for the Acorns Children’s Hospice – I wish I could have joined them for all eight, but I need to save my legs a bit for next week’s epic…!

Becky, Nicki and Carina reaching the finish of their 2nd parkrun of the day

Becky, Nicki and Carina reaching the finish of their 2nd parkrun of the day (Brueton park)

The Arrow Valley Parkrun 8×8 team (AVPR88 for short) started at Cannon Hill parkrun in Birmingham at 7.30 this morning, but I joined them at 9am for #2, an official parkrun event, at Brueton Park in Solihull. This was a lovely, flat 2-and-a-bit lap course all on tarmac paths with well over 400 runners! Lots of fellow AVPR groupies turned up to cheer the Acorns team on, so there was a brilliant atmosphere. I’ll definitely run that course again!

Me and Becky after my #2, her #3 at Perry Hall park in Birmingham

Me and Becky after my #2, her #3 at Perry Hall park in Birmingham

Next up was Perry Hall parkrun. Since all parkruns happen at 9am every Saturday, there was no timing at this one (or subsequent ones), but we were chuffed to bits that a few of Perry Hall’s volunteers stayed to help marshall the route and enthusiastically cheer us on – thank you! This course was entirely different – a 2 lap course that was a mixture of grass and gravelly paths, but again very flat. I rather liked it!

2015-09-05 12.37.20

Me and Becky at Walsall Arboretum. Me quite pleased to have finished, Becky only half way through!

I decided to carry on and do one final run with the AVPR88 team before calling it a day – I’ve never been to Walsall Arboretum and it sounded nice, so I thought I’d try it! Again, some of Walsall’s volunteers were there to marshall for us, and some also came to run with us – such kindness!! This was in a very pretty park, flat (phew) and on nice smooth tarmac paths – 3 laps, which I thought I would hate, but everyone was in such a good mood (despite it being parkrun #4 for the team!) that it was just brilliant.

Blog HopI had a fabulous morning!!

I was tempted to go on to Kingsbury Water for the next one, but decided against it and instead went to a Decathlon shop in Wednesbury to buy essentials for next week’s Cotswolds Way Challenge adventure! Now in possession of a head torch, space blanket and some new running socks so, um, let’s do this!!

After shopping I came home and promptly fell asleep on the sofa – in the meantime, the rest of the AVPR88 team have run Coventry and Leamington parkruns (the latter of which I have done before so I know it’s pretty tough!), and as I type are just about to start their eighth and final parkrun of the day back at our home run at Arrow Valley. If you have any spare change, they are raising money for an excellent charity, so throw them this way: https://www.justgiving.com/AV88.

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