6.9 mile run: 547.1/1000 = 452.9 miles to go!

Didn't think the white t-shirt through...

Didn’t think the white t-shirt through…

Just read the post about my last run on Friday, which I described as “pretty wet and soggy”. Well, if that was “pretty wet and soggy” then today was “absolutely sopping wet”!

It had been, but wasn’t actually raining when I set off this evening, but shortly into my run it started to spit a little, then properly rain, then came a downpour, then came speeding cars drenching me in puddle water! I guess I was already wet, but still…

A white t-shirt was definitely not the best choice of run gear this evening!! Never mind, I’m pleased I ran 7 miles (even though Strava is trying to tell me it was only 6.9, grr…), which is the furthest I have run in ages. I could’ve kept going too, but I was drowning so thought I’d better call it quits and get into a warm shower!


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