Juneathon Day 29: 5.3 mile run: 494.7/1000 = 505.3 miles to go!

Quick breather at the top of a hill to admire the view

Quick breather at the top of a hill to admire the view

I’ve rested my knee all week and it felt absolutely fine to walk on…until about halfway into today’s run when it started niggling again, and now, afterwards, it hurts again – boo!!

But, enough dwelling on the negatives – I have run in Prague! More than that, I took a running TOUR in Prague! Yup, while googling “running in Prague” at home last week – because I didn’t want to slip on my marathon training (huh) and wanted to find out where the good places to run are – I stumbled across RunningPrague.com. Basically, it’s a guided tour, *literally* run by a guy called Martin Opolecky. He meets you at your hotel early in the morning (to avoid the throngs of tourists) and takes you on a 9–10km loop of the city, running at your pace and pointing out the sights on the way. What a brilliant idea!! P1010911

Ignoring the niggle in my knee, I trotted over the cobbled streets of Prague, passing through the main square and the astronomical clock, past some of Charles University’s oldest buildings and over a bridge over the Vlatava river into Letná Park. Here we left the narrow cobbled streets behind and wound our way through the shady green park, passing statues of poets and saying “Dobry den” to the early morning dog walkers. It was quite a steep climb here, with a fantastic view at the top to make it all worthwhile! We followed the path up to the castle, where we could run right into and around the courtyard, exploring the surrounding buildings in this very historic part of the city. P1010910P1010909We then passed by an old monastery (now a brewery!), and all too soon it was time to descend the steep hill, through a beautiful park that was formerly a royal fruit orchard – the shade from the trees was very welcome as the sun had started to warm up by now! We passed through Kampa Island, with the Vltava to our right and the tiniest of streams to the left, before heading back into tourist-ville where I had the rare opportunity to run over an almost deserted Charles Bridge – an hour later and this place would be so heaving with tourists that it would have been impossible to run across without bumping into people!

Running over the Charles Bridge!

Running over the Charles Bridge!

For the price of only about £21, the tour was fantastic value for money. Martin was a pleasure to run with, and really knew his stuff about the city. As you can see, he also took photos of me while I was running, and sent these to me by email (free of charge) a few hours after the run. I’m sure I would never have found some of the parks we ran through, and I’m really glad I did it! I’m just gutted that my knee seems to have gone back to square one now! I guess the marathon training is on hold for now!

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