Juneathon Day 28: Wandering around Prague

2015-06-28 19.57.50

Selfie on the Charles Bridge

I flew to Prague this afternoon to attend a conference, where I’m exhibiting for one of my freelance clients. I’ve never been to Prague before, so I made sure to arrive a little bit early so I could see some of the city, not just the inside of a windowless, air-conditioned congress hotel!

2015-06-28 20.12.46

Beautiful Prague

By the time I landed at Prague airport, collected my luggage, bought public transport tickets and navigated buses and metros to get to my hotel, I’d already walked a fair way – hefting a roll-up exhibition banner over my shoulder and dragging a very heavy suitcase full of leaflets across Prague’s cobbled streets was exercise enough on its own!

2015-06-28 20.16.25

First taste of Czech beer (not ever, just while on Czech soil!)

I checked into my hotel, grabbed a map from reception and headed straight back out the door again, keen to see as much as possible! I wandered and wandered for several hours, stopping to take photos, and grab a my first taste of Czech beer on Czech soil too, of course! All in all I walked about 5 miles, so I think I earned that beer!

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