Juneathon Day 3: 3.8 mile run: 444.7/1000 = 555.3 miles to go!

2015-06-03 13.42.05Feeling quite stiff from all the core and yoga work at running club last night, but what better way to loosen up than go for a run, eh?

Wasn’t exactly what I would call ‘in the mood’ for a run today, but I went anyway, trying to bear this post in mind (by fellow Juneathon blogger Chris Bray): decide to be happy! (Not that I’m not happy, by the way, I just feel a bit ‘meh’ at the moment. I think I’ve been working too hard and need a holiday!)

As I ran around one of my (usually) favourite routes, I could hear myself grumbling in my head – “It’s too hot. I’m really sweaty. I wish this was over. Shall I cut it short? My legs ache. My arms ache…” I tried to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones: “What a beautiful day! I’m so lucky I can exercise during the day! I’m enjoying this – and I’m going to go a bit further than I planned!” (an extra 1km, but hey it’s something…)

At two points on my circular route I passed a fairly young disabled woman who was walking with a walking stick; she may have had some kind of muscle or neurological disorder, I don’t know. Whatever it was, she smiled at me both times I saw her. If I was religious I would have said it was a sign for me to shut up, stop moaning and be grateful that I can even run at all. At this thought, just a few yards from home, I smiled – and instantly felt better.

Happy hump day y’all!

Oh, I also did Day 3 of the Blogilates Stretch Project this morning – 30 seconds each of full plank, upward-facing dog and downward-facing dog (except I can’t get my heels on the floor…).


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