1.9 mile run: 435.8/1000 = 564.2 miles to go!

Blog HopThis is my first Virtual Running UK Blog Hop post! Hello!

Last night I did something I’ve never done before (well, not since school sports day!) – I took part in a relay! It was the Whale Ale Relay, organised by Tempo Events. I’ve done a few of their runs now – the brutally hilly Winter Series and more recently Leicester’s Big 10K – they’re always extremely well organised and have a really good atmosphere.

The Whale Ale Relay was no exception. Although a bit chilly, it was a sunny and bright evening and Stratford-upon-Avon’s recreation ground had a lovely festival atmosphere. Music was playing, there were beer and food trucks, and everyone was in a great mood. Some of the 97 four-person teams were in fancy dress, which added to the carnival feel with Where’s Wallys, Teletubbies, Star Wars characters and fairies wandering around!

2015-05-29 19.13.16

Becky on the start line

My team was called “Ale’d Amigos” (not the best name ever but it was all we could think of!) and consisted of me, my friend Becky, and two of Becky’s friends Rose and Rob. We played our strongest suit first – Becky sped round the 2 mile lap in 14:58, passing the baton to me for leg 2.

I’ve never run just 2 miles before so it was really hard to judge the right pace. I knew I should be trying to run faster than my 5km pace, but it was difficult to know just how much to push it. Consequently, I dashed off far too fast and had to slow down, but I was pretty happy with my leg time of 16:22!

Rose went next, and considering she hasn’t run much at all, she did really well to finish in 20:25! Finally it was Rob’s turn, and despite him saying he wasn’t much of a runner he whizzed round in 15:25 which was awesome! Our cumulative time was 1:07:10, which for 8 miles and taking the changeovers into account is pretty good I reckon!

Best race prize ever!

Best race prize ever!

Overall, as a team, we came 73rd out of 97 teams, but this one wasn’t about the winning (well, it’s never about the winning with me!) it really was about the taking part. I’d definitely recommend this event next time around (especially if it was a bit warmer next time…) – and the best bit of it is, if you hadn’t guessed from the name of the event, it was sponsored by a local brewery, so instead of getting a medal or a t-shirt at the end, everyone got a bottle of beer! What could be better! 🙂

The rest of team Ale'd Amigos

The rest of team Ale’d Amigos


2 thoughts on “1.9 mile run: 435.8/1000 = 564.2 miles to go!

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  2. Hey, welcome to the Blog Hop! 🙂
    Running as part of a team sounds like a lot of fun, especially when you get to have a beer together at the end. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. 🙂

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