6.2 mile run: 430.6/1000 = 569.4 miles to go!

2015-05-21 19.53.23It feels a little bit weird that I haven’t done *any* exercise for the past two days, since I finished the 5×50 Challenge! Still, I have been ludicrously busy with work this week, and had a little niggle in my foot so it was probably just as well I took some time out.

However, I went on a bit of an online spending spree at the weekend and, among other exciting household items including replacement heads for our electric toothbrush and a mattress protector (yawn!), I also ordered some new running shoes – and they arrived today – squeeeee!!!

Old shoes on the left, new shoes on the right!

Old shoes on the left, new shoes on the right!

So obviously, I had to take them out for a test run, and as it was SUCH a gorgeous evening, I decided to do my favourite 10km loop. I took it fairly slowly and easy and really enjoyed the run. My new shoes are exactly the same as my old ones – same make, model and even the same colour. They felt a bit stiff in the sole, but I suppose they will soften up with wear. Otherwise, they feel very bouncy and just as comfy as my old ones.

Here’s to another 500+ miles of happy running!


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