13.1 mile run: 263.2/1000 = 736.8 miles to go!

So happy!!!

So happy!!!

I wish you could bottle this feeling!!!! Today I completed the Warwick Half Marathon and I feel fantastic!!!!

I don’t even know what to write other than I had such a brilliant run! All the worries about the ‘10 miles of doom‘ run from last Saturday just disappeared – I felt good the whole way round, if a bit tired towards the end, but then again I really picked up my pace at the end and flew over the finish line! The course was a gorgeous, mostly countryside route – a little bit hilly, but I think doing the Ilmington Winter Series has taught me to be fearless of hills now because, apart from actual mountain running, nothing can ever be as bad as Larkstoke Hill! I just took them steady on the way up and let my legs rest a bit on the way down. The weather was perfect for running too – dry and overcast with a little chilly breeze to keep you cool. Everything was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

Me and Becky, happy Warwick HM finishers!

Me and Becky, happy Warwick HM finishers! Becky managed sub-2 hours – amazing effort!!

And the best bit is….I absolutely smashed my half marathon PB!! Like, out of the park! The one and only HM I’ve done before was the Great Birmingham Run in 2013, and I completed that in a time of 2:36:08. This time I finished in 2:05:37 – 31 minutes faster, woo hoo!!! Before the run I told myself I’d be happy just to beat my last HM time, but actually I was aiming for around 2 hours 10 minutes. And actually, secretly, I had a time of 2:07 in my head. So to have beaten all my expectations is just amazing! 🙂

Can’t rest on my laurels though, I’ve got another half marathon coming up in just 5 weeks time – the Shakespeare Half Marathon in Stratford-upon-Avon. Dare I try to go for sub-2 hours?!?!


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