11.8 mile run: 208.4/1000 = 791.6 miles to go!

Me with one of today's running buddies, Becky (oops finger over lens, sorry!)

Me with one of today’s running buddies, Becky (oops finger over lens, sorry!)

Today I went for my long run with Becky and Nicola. We were aiming for 12 miles, but since Becky and I both have watches that measure in km (and Nicola had run to meet us so already had some miles on the clock) I’m a little bit annoyed that we got our km-to-miles conversion maths slightly wrong and only did 11.8 (19km). But still, it’s the furthest I’ve run so far this year and I’m pretty pleased with the pace!

Today’s run was HARD though – definitely the toughest going I’ve found it so far. The weather was absolutely beautiful – the first time I’ve gone sleeveless for a while!! It was a little bit too windy for my liking in places, but the route was very hilly indeed!

We met at Arrow Valley Country Park, where we normally do parkrun, and Nicola led us on a route through Studley, into Sambourne, up The Slough (OUCH!) and into Headless Cross, Redditch and back to the country park. “There are a few little hills,” Nicola said! Little?!?!! Miles 3 to 9 were basically a long, slow, gradual uphill slog! But, I’m pleased I managed it without stopping or walking, and I have to say, I actually felt pretty comfortable all the way up. I was knackered when I got to the top of the hill though so the last little bit HURT!

Whether it was 12 miles or only 11.8 it doesn’t really matter, I’ve now passed another milestone on my 1000 mile challenge – I’ve now run over 200 miles since January 1st! I’ll be putting another £10 in the pot for CALM 🙂


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