8.7 mile run: 25.6/1000 = 974.4 miles to go…

Good hair. I’ve been out and about today learning how to drive a minibus! As I think I mentioned the other day, my husband launched his own business last July – it’s called “Go Cotswolds” and he primarily takes tourists from the Stratford-upon-Avon area on day trips of the Cotswolds. On the other days of the week, and some evenings, he also does private minibus hire work (but don’t you *dare* call him a taxi driver!), but because of EU regulations, if he’s done a full day tour during the day, he would have to turn down any private hire work that might crop up in the evening because he would go over the legal limit of driver’s hours. So, I’m stepping in to help! I have another day of practice tomorrow and then my test on Wednesday morning – keep your fingers crossed for me!

Anyway, after several hours of serious concentration and driving around Birmingham in a 17-seater Ford Transit minibus, I came home and relaxed….pah, did I ‘eck! I went for a 14km (8.7 mile) run! As I have done before, I ran 2km up to the gym to meet my netball friend Katie (and her friend from work Tina this time too). Then we ran 10km together, and I did another 2km to get home again. Don’t mind admitting I am a bit tired now!


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