Juneathon Day 15: HIIT Workout

Juneathon Day 15

HIIT is hard!

Today I tried this Fitness Blender HIIT workout from YouTube – it started off fairly innocuously but I was panting, sweating and burning by the end! The bloke’s voice is a little bit annoying but I like the way the exercises are really varied and broken down into short sharp sections so you don’t get bored.

Arrgh burpees though!!!!

Juneathon Day 15

Nice burn!

As for the 30-day challenges, it’s a rest day for the press-ups (which is just as well as the HIIT video included plenty!) so I did a total of 86 lunges, 140 squats, 165 crunches (ouch! Butt still too sore to do the sit-ups :-/), 42 leg raises and ONE WHOLE MINUTE of plank!! Still slightly daunted by the fact that I’m supposed to be able to do TWO minutes of plank by the end of this month, but I’ve come a long way so far!

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