Juneathon Day 14: 9km Run!

Juneathon Day 14

Small NSV: this running vest I’m wearing used to ride up over my stomach when I ran. Stayed down today! I guess there’s not so much for it to ride up over anymore!

So pleased with myself today! One of the people I am “friends” with on My Fitness Pal has been doing a lot of running recently, and I saw that her time spent running has been increasing, while mine has been stuck at 5km for a while now. I guess I was a little nervous of hurting my leg again, but now that I’ve been signed off from my sports therapist, I felt inspired to try a longer run (so thanks “emzilee”!).

I could have just tried 6 or 7km, but I felt so motivated today that I thought I would try my old favourite route, which is 9km. I told myself that I could run/walk only after I’d hit 5km, but as it turns out, I just kept going! I took it steady and must admit I was quite tired towards the end, but the nearer I got to home the more determined I was to just keep running. I finished the 9.08km route in 1 hour 30 seconds, which isn’t bad – oh and ran via a postbox and posted the first batch of our wedding invitations, so my run had a practical purpose as well! 🙂

Juneathon Day 14

9.08 kms – feeling awesome! 😀

Felt so chuffed! Didn’t really want to do my 30-day challenge exercises after that, but I did them anyway: 130 squats, 80 lunges, 150 crunches (instead of 85 crunches and 65 sit-ups – damn that carpet burn!), 42 leg raises (these are getting a *bit* easier now!), 28 press-ups (still doing the girly knee ones, but they are definitely getting easier too!) and 55 seconds of plank.  I’m really starting to feel much stronger in my core – can’t believe I can hold a plank for 55 seconds!! I’m sure it must be doing my running some good too.

Happy day! Now all we need is for England to win tonight!

4 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 14: 9km Run!

  1. Well done! I wish I could run 9K!

    Shame about England, but at least we looked a lot more promising than in recent years. I went to the Peru match at Wembley a few weeks ago and we looked terrible!

    Fingers crossed for Uruguay…!

      • Unfortunately at the moment I seem to have developed a habit of letting my pace go crazy… I ran 1.61 miles tonight and tried to control my first mile, which was fine. Then somehow the second 0.61 was a 10.30 pace?!

        How do you control it?

      • I’m not sure really, it just comes with practice I guess. I always try to make sure my heart rate isn’t racing too fast and that my breathing is under control, but apart from that i don’t really think about pace. I do always tend to go faster in the last km of any run though – I think it’s the call of the finish line!!

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