Juneathon Day 4: 1400m Swim

Juneathon Day 4

Nice goggles!

This morning the OH and I had an appointment at the registry office in town to give legal notice of our impending marriage! We’re getting married on 20th September, and the reminder that the date is getting closer is good motivation to keep going with this challenge!

Today was a rest day for the 30-day Abs and Squats Challenges, so I just did push-ups (x18) and lunges (x36). I also went for a swim this evening and did 70 lengths – our local pool is only 20 metres long so that was 1400m (0.87 miles) in just over 45 minutes.

Juneathon Day 4 route

Have to revert back to Runkeeper to log swim calories because my Garmin isn’t waterproof and I haven’t worked out whether you can manually enter the data on Garmin Connect…

6 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 4: 1400m Swim

  1. Okay I’m very impressed/jealous of your swim. My pool is also only 20m long and I find it so hard to swim any distance in it! I manage 1000m if doing drills but my mind just gives in way before then if I’m doing straight swimming! Will need to up the ante as I’m now doing a standard distance tri in September – how do you keep yourself going in the pool?!

    • Hmm, I don’t know really, I just kind of zone out and keep going! I don’t swim that often, so I guess I’m not bored of it yet! One thing I do is set myself mini-challenges during a swim, like “I will do 25 lengths in the next 15 minutes”, or “I will do the next two lengths super quick”. I usually go to the pool at 9pm-ish (because it’s quieter) and it’s open until 10pm, so I like to try and beat the number of lengths I can do before the lifeguards kick me out! 🙂

    • Ooh thanks Chris! Having only just bought my forerunner not sure I can justify another fancy watch just yet, but I’ll put it on the wishlist! Thanks for the heads up on the manual entries though, that’ll be useful 🙂

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