Day 50!!!!

Day 50 5x50 Challenge

I did it!!!!

And so the day has finally come – Day 50 of the 5×50 Challenge!!

Today I decided to go out with a bang, so spent two hours – yes TWO HOURS – on the cross-country ski machine at the gym, racking up a whopping 44.33km and burning over a 1000 calories (much needed after yesterday’s wedding buffet…!).

As is customary with this sort of thing (and because I’ve just got a new Garmin and am a bit obsessed with stats right now), I thought I’d do a little round up of significant numbers, achievements and learnings from this process.

The numbers:

  • Total number of activities: 54 (did more than one qualifying activity some days!)
  • Total number of: runs: 31; walks: 10; cross-trainer sessions: 7; ski machine sessions: 5; stationary bike rides: 1
  • Total kilometres during the challenge: 394.56
  • Total time spent exercising: 43 hours 42 minutes


  • I have done *at least* 5km of activity EVERY SINGLE DAY for the last FIFTY DAYS!!!
  • Although due to injury I couldn’t run every single day like I originally set out to do, I did run for 30 consecutive days and completed 31 5km runs in total (that last one was probably ill-advised though!).
  • Since the start of this challenge I have lost 10lbs in weight, bringing my BMI down into the “healthy” weight range for my height.
  • Though I only set out to raise £50 by making a personal donation of £1 per day completed to Macmillan Cancer Support, my JustGiving totaliser is at £180 – this is incredible. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who sponsored me!

Things I have learned:

  • I can make time for exercise! I can even get up at 6am if I have to!
  • If you’re feeling crappy, exercise usually makes you feel better!
  • I like a challenge!
  • If something hurts, rest it until it’s better! :-/
  • Sports therapy is painful and expensive and worth avoiding if at all possible!

So what’s next?

Well, though you might think I’d like to have a sit down and a nice cup of tea, I seem to have made this exercise thing a habit…so I’m going to keep going for a few more days! I won’t be able to do any exercise on the 22nd May as I’ll be stuck in a polling station all day, but I’m determined not to let my fitness and motivation slip.

The next challenge for me starts on the 1st June – it’s Juneathon! Juneathon is essentially the same idea as the 5×50 Challenge, i.e. to do 5km or 30 minutes of exercise every day for the month of June. I’ll continue my blog here so stay tuned!

Then, I’m booked in for a 10K race on the 8th June, so with a bit of luck I’ll be able to start training for that if my leg is back to full health! I’m also planning to do a 5km Race for Life with some colleagues from work at the end of June, and am starting to think that another half marathon could be on the cards, but don’t hold me to that!

Day 50 route 5x50 Challenge

Despite being indoors I had the GPS switched on on my Garmin so the “course profile” is pretty lolz!

My Justgiving total for the 5x50 Challenge

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me!!


Certificate for the 5x50 Challenge

Congratulations to everyone else who has got one of these!

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