Day 47: Ski Thursday

Day 47 5x50 Challenge

Over 13 miles on the cross-country skiier tonight – feeling fit!

Did my exercise in the gym today and spent an hour on the cross-country ski machine. According to the screen I virtually covered 20.97km – a bit annoyed that I was 3 measly metres short of a nice round 21 km, but never mind I still had a good work out!

Followed my gym session with an hour of netball – just umpiring again, but my leg actually feels really good today so hopefully after my physio appointment next Tuesday she will tell me I’m good to run again! I’m feeling pretty fit at the moment so I hope it will be easy to get back into running again!


Day 47 route 5x50 Challenge

Annoyed by the 3 metre shortfall :-/

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