Day 18: 6.3km!

Day 18 5x50 Challenge

Pleased with myself today! 🙂

Decided to run a route I haven’t done in a while, which is actually 6.3km rather than just 5. I aced it! Not only is this my furthest distance in a little while, it was also my fastest pace in some time too.

I genuinely enjoyed tonight’s run – it was nice and sunny but not too hot, and I rocked a new running vest too 🙂 If it wasn’t for the pesky chavs I passed on the way back (why have they always got to say something or do something to get some kind of reaction?!) this would have been a perfect run. Still, very happy with.

Oh AND I nearly forgot…stepped on the scales this morning and I have dropped another 2lbs, which now puts my BMI in the NORMAL range, woop! It’s been a good day! 🙂

Day 18 route 5x50 Challenge

6.3km from my town to the next village and back again. Lovely.

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