Day 15: The Hangover

Day 15 5x50 Challenge

Me and Tom at the end of a beautiful but ever so slightly hungover run…

Had a great time at the wedding of our friends Kelly and Nigel yesterday, and felt rather the worse for wear today! Spent most of the morning in bed and watched some of the London Marathon coverage to try and garner some inspiration from it!

We’d left our car at the cricket club where the wedding reception took place and it just so happened to be precisely 5km away so, somewhat reluctantly and after a couple of painkillers, my equally (if not greater)-suffering fiance Tom and I ran to retrieve the car.

I did do a fair amount of walking on this route as we went along a bridlepath that was very uneven and muddy in places, but actually I quite enjoyed it! It was a beautifully sunny day and the route took us through some oilseed rape fields, which were absolutely stunning. I was glad when we eventually reached the car, but I definitely felt better for having done it!

As a bonus, Runkeeper told me I set a new PB for the greatest elevation in a week too, so that was nice.

Lisa's 5x50 Challenge

Largest elevation climb in a week (which isn’t actually that large, but hey it’s nice to raise the bar!)

Day 15 5x50 Challenge

Tom, in the distance, going “slow” and still leaving me for dust! :-/

Day 15 5x50 Challenge

Just had to stop en route to show you how pretty today’s run was 🙂

Day 15 route 5x50 Challenge

We’d left our car precisely 5km away, so we just had to run to go and get it.

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