Day 9: Monday morning run

Day 9 5x50 Challenge

What better way to wake up than to go for a run on a dim, drizzly Monday morning? (Well, I can think of better ways, but running isn’t so bad…)

Did my 5km run at 6.30am this morning! Almost didn’t go because it was raining, but as I lay there contemplating whether or not to snooze my alarm I felt so guilty that I had to get up and go! Found it quite hard going today but I pushed through and felt good when I’d done it 🙂

ETA: Later I did some Blogilates videos: Spring Fling Fat Loss Cardio, Hot Summer Dance Workout (love this one even though I probably look ridiculous!), Great Gatsby Cardio Dance, Legs for Days Cardio Ballet Challenge and Stretching for Flexibility.

Day 9 5x50 Challenge

Day 9 5×50 Challenge

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